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This company was started after having a conversation with my 12-year old daughter about purchasing a t-shirt for $38.00 for back to school. I found that price to be absurd for a no "name brand" company and said, "We can make shirts ourselves for less than that!" She looked at me in disbelief and replied, "Really mommy." I then called a  friend of mine that I knew had the software to achieve exactly what I was suggesting and she agreed to assist with our idea. My daughter immediately began brainstorming sayings that she wanted to be printed on her shirts, and before I knew it she had a page full of ideas. Within a week we had the first shirt printed and voila Boss Girl Enterprise was born!


Since then she and I have spent every weekend working together to make this vision come to life. We include creativity, deep thought, and passion in each of the shirt designs. With every shirt purchase, I am teaching my daughter how to become her own boss and make her customers happy as well. We thank you for supporting the dream that started with a casual conversation between mother and daughter.  


With Love,


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