Frequently asked questions

What if I want my t-shirt to be personalized?

You can send an email to bossenterpriseis@gmail.com with your request. Please include your shirt size. You will receive an email within 24 hours of your request with your font options. Based on the words you want a font recommendation will be sent to you for clear printing. (please select two font options listed as 1st choice, 2nd choice) *Prices will vary based upon the design selected.

Can I get something printed on the back of my shirt?

Yes you can. However it will be an additional cost based on how many words you want.

What if my shirt doesn't fit, how long do I have to send it back?

You have 7 business days from the time you receive your purchase to send it back for an exchange.

Do you process large personalized orders? If so, what is the turn around time for that?

Yes we do! Please allow up to two weeks for large personalized orders. These orders must be submitted by email to bossgirlenterpriseis@gmail.com *For an additional fee we can process a large order one week in advance.

Will the sayings stay the same or will you change them?

The best selling sayings will remain for sale. However as different sayings become more popular we will adjust.

Will you offer other apparel besides t-shirts?

Yes we will! Sweatshirts will be available in the fall as well as baseball caps. Make sure you sign up for our email notifications! *We will also take a survey from our customers asking for recommendations on what you want to see next!

What if I want a different color t-shirt that is not displayed? Can you make me one?

Yes we can, you will need to allow for 3 more business days to ship as this shirt will be specially made for you. If you send us an email with your t-shirt size, t-shirt color, and font color, we will respond to your request within 24 hours. Email bossgirlenterpriseis@gmail.com